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Postage Stamp Design Contest Instructions (for educators)

Below you will find instructions on how to bring our Farmerette Postage Stamp activity to your class, and enter to win a unique prize from Canada Post!


  • Talk about the farmerettes. If your class participated in the virtual visit with Bonnie Sitter, think about what she and the other ladies talked about and the pictures they shared.  
  • You can find information about the farmerettes and their role in growing and harvesting food during the war (check out Remembering the Farmerettes here)
  • As a class, discuss what was important about the farmerettes. Talk about an image that would represent them best.
  • Download the slide presentation and the printable stamp template. These are available for your use for this activity.
  • Encourage your students to make their design simple so it will be clear in the space available on a stamp (2.5 cm x 2 cm).
  • Don’t forget to tell your students to place their design’s within the margins of the portrait or landscape layout (found in the stamp template). Also, let students know to make sure their design’s don’t include an important detail in the bottom right corner where the price will show.

*Contest is now closed*

To enter the contest, take a single picture of your students’ designs and enter it here! For best results, image should be between 2 and 10 MB.

Contest Details:

Contest Dates: November 29, 2021 – January 10, 2022.

Winners will be selected from design submissions and will be contacted January 11, 2021 via email.

We will select designs from two schools. The winning classes will decide on which individual design will be used for the custom postage stamps and will need to provide a new photo of the single design, to accept the postage stamp prize.

One last thing: we would love to see your students’ postage stamp designs! Please share it with us on Twitter (@GoodinGrain), Facebook (@GoodinEveryGrain), or Instagram (@goodineverygrain).

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